Nikon V1 vs. Sony RX100 ...thoughts and sample photos

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Re: Metal cameras vs. Plastic cameras

normsmith wrote:

This isn't Nikon 1 forum. It would be better if pretense of being unbiased isn't at play

There are XR100 related posts in the Nikon 1 folder and some of the contributors are sony XR100 owners - which adds to the value of those threads since they own the cameras and speak from experience.

Do you see me there? I have ZERO interest in V1/J1 much less that forum. You won't find me there because I hate pretense. For that matter, I'm not delusional to believe that price, size and flexibility wise, Nikon 1-series is supposed to go against Sony NEX-series, not RX100. But you won't know that either. It's that 1" sensor excuse you must play... to downplay advantage, support crappy tests by a Nikon fanboy and stand behind unconditionally against those who question them.

Even better when a user has actually owned the J1, the V1 and the XR100 and can speak from personal experience (me). I am not brand loyal but do have an interest in the 1" sensor and it's future and so I am happy to participate in all such threads and I'm not that precious about where they are posted.

Then demand logical comparisons, not fanboy comments that have (mostly) nothing to do with 1" sensors and their performance.

It would appear that I may one of the 'dito-heads' that you so kindly referred to!


There are days when I really don't feel like participating on this forum anymore, it is a much less friendly place than when I first stated posting here early in 2004 and then I see some cracking posts from really positive, supportive and capable people and it just shows DPR off it's best. The below link being just one recent example.

Stop blaming others for problems you create for self. You're bound to have issues when you encounter those who strongly disagree with you... and you have nothing left.

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