RX100 - Yet Another Gold Award by CNET

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Re: RX100 - Yet Another Gold Award by CNET

LOL; no, by no means, but that is funny.

Just cannot recall the last time a camera like the RX100 came along. Seems the reviewers and customers agree. If you are interested in the RX100 and/or own one, you may feel the same. If not, we are all entitled to our own opinions; some people solely post their pictures, while others like to engage in the reviews, and still others just like to question other users. All depends on what you like.

Geekapoo wrote:
Maybe snapshot is lonely and this forum gives him a sense of community..

Ryan Williams wrote:

snapshot09 wrote:

Nope, real person here, but thanks. Never have posted any of my shots and probably never will, that is just me. But if I ever change my mind I will let you know. Now back to the topic at hand...the amazing RX100...hope you are enjoying yours.

Ryan Williams wrote:

There are no shots, just like there's no RX100. He will go mysteriously quiet whenever things like this are brought up, take note of his silence in this thread 'Is Snapshot09 a real person or just a forum news feed bot ?':

This is baffling to me. Why do you seem to have such an interest in Sony cameras, and spend so much time here, yet you don't seem to take photos or want to share them — the best part of such a forum?

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