We wuz robbed !!!!!

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Re: We wuz robbed !!!!!

Ray Sachs wrote:

I've chosen to put up with its interface in order to get the final results, but I'll be VERY happy when someone puts this sensor in something that feels more like a small CAMERA to me and less like a point and shoot that happens to produce amazing images.

Dude, it is a point and shoot that happens to produce images that completely outclass images in its own category.

The images are just so good, that now you're asking for it to be as handle like your X-pro 1 or OMD, or even future cameras you envision someday.

It could almost become my main camera then and I have a pretty nice OMD system and an X-Pro with a couple of very nice lenses. Put this sensor in a camera that works like the LX7 or GRD4 or X10, give it a 24-90 f1.X-f - 2.X lens, and keep the body close to the current size of the X10, and I'll be a happy camper, but you might not be if you can't still get it in your front pocket. For now, it works, but its not a lot of fun to use. That's one among many useful criteria that DPR obviously use and I don't have any problem with their ranking...

It's a Point and shoot thats within a couple mm of an S100 size, and you are conceding that it produces images good enough for you to almost consider making it your MAIN camera over your OMD-EM5 and X-Pro-1 .

Yet because it produces images so far above its category, you psychologically switch criteria for it and you demand that it be competitive in every way with cameras that are in far bigger categories and some far more expensive.

Every camera you mentioned is a much bigger.


It's like Sony produced a Cameraphone that produces images that outclassed its category, without other major drawbacks compared to its class, and in fact superior to most cameras in its class... But you suddenly change the rules of the "best camera Phone championship" and demand that it have better manual controls, and Prosumer ILC handling.

"ah... Look, it turns the compact camera category into a joke! Let's force it to compete with bigger cameras like OMD-5 in handling instead!"

All cameras are supposed to be compared to cameras in its own category, and every camera you mention including the LX7, are much bigger cameras.

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