RX100 low light and wide angle

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Re: RX100 low light and wide angle

john10001 wrote:

Just wondered how any new RX100 users are finding this camera?

In what way is the RX100 not so good in low light situations? I thought that with the bigger sensor it should be better but this websites review of the camera lists that as one of its weak points.

While not DSLR quality the camera performs better than any other small camera. It's very good to excellent up to iso800, good at iso1600 and usable at iso3200.

I have also read somewhere I don't know whether it was a user on here or over a Serious Compacts but they said when it is wide open they have noticed softness in corners? Have you noticed this too are you not getting good results at 28mm and F1.8 or does the lens only start producing its best results as different focal length/aperture?

There is no more softness in the corners than any other zoom and less than most despite the fact that a 20mp sensor will reveal flaws not visible in lower mp sensors. Wide open at f1.8 the results are good and stopped down a bit the lens is as good as the 35mm f1.8 prime I use on my A65 and A55. I posted samples comparing the 2 in the Sony DSLR forum and nobody could pick which was which.

How are you finding the custom functions you can use on the function button? What function are you assigning to the control ring? Manual Focusing? Aperture?

I have assigned the control ring to adjust + - EV.

Finally how is the video and in particular sound quality?

Video is excellent and sound is as good as any other camera I've used with a built in mic.

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