OM-D strange problem - screen turns black and unable to take photos

Started Aug 30, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP Juxa Regular Member • Posts: 146
Thx all for the answers!

I'm a bit more relieved that it's seems to be a common glitch. If it happens next time, ill try to pull the battery out to see if it will correct tre problem sooner.

Crimguy, it was pretty hot (during days like this I would love to be on the Croatian coast instead in Zagreb ), but I wasn't out for long (like 5-10 minutes) so I don't know how hot could the camera get.

And yes, it was very inconvinient, luckally I wasn't doing any serious work at the time.

I'm linsting some settings so maybe in the future we could isolate the cause of the problem and know how to avoid it:

firmware: 1.1
lens: m.zuiko 40-150
aperture priority mode
aperture: 5,6
9 fps mode
RAW+JPG (the buffer was empty)

problem occured during focusing on the subject (half press)

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