Canon TS-E 17mm or TS-E 24mm

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Re: Canon TS-E 17mm or TS-E 24mm

On the TS-E 17mm you can combine the tilt+shift to such an extreme that you will get a black bar at the edge of the frame as you hit the very edge of the imaging circle. Obviously anything near this is not going to be as sharp as the centre - just like any non-TS lens at the edge of the image.

However, with only small adjustments (or just shift), the lens excellent and many 'not sharp' impressions may simply be because the focus was not exactly where it was wanted or expected to be.

However, I am still not entirely convinced that a TS-E lens is better than taking the equivalent image via stitching and/or focus stacking, and then downsampling the pixel count to compensate for any resulting image degradation. While the PP is a potentially a lot of work, it can also take a fair bit of work to achieve the same with the TS-E lens (in particular, it is quite slow to check and adjust focus across the frame when using live-view and tilt - if you are feeling masochistic, try doing an HDR shift-panorama using some tilt, and you will see what I mean...).

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