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Re: What has happened to Carl Rytterfalk?

I guess there's a compound of different factors :

  • Carl was always so 'proud' about the Foveon thing, so convinced that this was absolutely the best technology, the way to go. Maybe he hoped that the SD1 would be the one piece of hardware able to prove this to the world and was in for a little bit of a letdown :

  • initial pricing strategy (disappointing)

  • usability/speed (so so)

  • software/3rd part support

  • but what I suspect the most is that the new Foveon sensor maybe for reasons of pixel pitch has a slightly less 3D quality. I had a couple of e-mail exchanges with him and I know that that was his 'thing' religion and there was just no way to 'sell' him anything less, so there might be a big disappointment for him.

  • Plus it's true that the whole blog became that battleground with a lot of uninteresting pro/con Foveon discussions which might have become a tad boring for him.

  • Then maybe family life, work, new set of priorities.

Maybe he's just biding his time, wait for a new breath of inspiration, but it's true that the 'disappearing act' is kinda strange. But I think as long as the site is not down it's a sign that there's maybe some new stuff to come, whenever he feels ready for it.

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