Another DP2M user review to share

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Re: Another DP2M user review to share

richard stone wrote:

Thanks for posting this.

It is a puzzle to me how the camera seems like almost two entirely different creatures: One that produces banding and doesn't work at anything beyond ISO 100....

And then another creature that you show that produces amazing resolution and excellent color, decent (usable) performance up to ISO 1600, and no banding.

I wonder what it can mean?
My small gallery:

I see plenty of banding above ISO 400. The images are too small to find it at ISO 400 or below. All the banding you see at ISO 3200 and 6400 exists in 800, it's just harder to see. I'm pretty sure it exists even at ISO 100, but is too subtle to see without processing to bring it out.

It seems the sensor needs to be imaging a dark area so that most of the response of the sensor is generated internally, not from incoming light. For bright daylight images, without many shadows, banding probably won't be easy to find, even if you try.

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