How successful do you think the D600 will be

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Re: How successful do you think the D600 will be

I think it will be a huge success because it seems destined to be a fantastic, versatile, all around camera. Like the d700 at the time, and like the 5dm2&3, it will be really well positioned to fit what people think their needs are. For me, I think it will be great for the next 24 months just as my d7000 has been without breaking the bank.

I would prefer what the d800 has to offer and even bought one, but returned it due to AF issue. I think the d800 will go down in history as a game changer, similar to when the 4 minute mile mark was broken. It will force manufacturers to think outside the box and reinvent the industry. People say 36mp is too much...THERE'S NO SUCH THING. That's like someone saying I'm too wealthy. The reality is that it might be too much for now, for someone's specific situation. Maybe they have a slow computer, or don't want to pay for more memory cards or don't print big. However, in five years, heck probably 3 years, we'll be laughing at 36mp. The world and technology is gong to change faster than ever. Our homes are going to be interactive displays where putting a digital image on an entire wall may be entirely commonplace. On top of that, I'm not taking pictures for today. I'm taking them to create history. And I'm sure in 30 years I'm going to wish I had 36mg or 100mp sooner than I actually had it.

Back to the d800...while a game changer, I think I'll sit out this round. I'm not sure the rest of the camera technology or manufacturing process is up to speed with the sensor yet. And that's why there are some challenges. If I were mostly a landscape guy, I would have kept mine and I'd be loving it. I'm not though, and for that reason will likely go with the d600 to hold me over until the real photography revolution takes place Ina few years.

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