18-270 vs 70-300

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Tamron 18-250 vs Tamron 18-270 vs Tamron 70-300 USD

More or less coincidentally we currently have all three Tamron lenses. I wasn't going to buy the 18-270 since we have the 18-250 and my wife and I weren't very happy with it. The 70-300 USD outshines that lens easily. But then I bought a used Sony A55 with a Tamron 18-270 on it at a very good price and I must say that the difference between the two megazooms is substantial, especially at the long end. I am trying to sell the 18-250, BUT the 18-270 is a whole different ball game. I don't know how they did it, but it comes very close to the 70-300 in sharpness at the long end. Colour and contrast are indistinguishable, I find. The bokeh of the 70-300 is nicer and it magnifies more, of course. See for yourself. Same boring scene, same time, same camera, same settings.

This is the 70-300 USD:


And here is the 18-270:



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