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Re: Psst, your generation and vision age is showing

caterpillar wrote:

I find it amusing if not frustrating when other people cannot see the obvious. Or sometimes, when other people's imagination and vision is so limited they only see their parochial interest and their feet. There are many important features in the 5R that will be game changers. I will not elaborate and concentrate only on 2-3 things. Because those 2-3 items begets 10-20 more advantages and possibilities that unlocks creativity and makes things easier and productive.

Sebastian78, although we all have needs and our temperaments are different, I assure you many of us need the feature set of the 5R. You just don't know it because you've never had those problems we had. Or you don't stretch your vision and imagination enough on the possibilities if these features you consider just "gimmicks."

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I trimmed this down just so it would still be recognizable as to source and post. Rarely have I seen such an excellent description of features I myself didn't fully understand the capabilities of when I started reading the post. This reminded me once again of the usefulness of the forums beyond all the blather. Kudos, Caterpillar.

Oh, and I'm an Olympus user (mFT and FT) just checking on what's up in Sony land given the upcoming Photokina announcements. Best luck to all in having your dreams answered!
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