CP4500 has a RAW mode!

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Re: CP4500 RAW - Nikon's Reaction

I don't understand why they haven't put there the normal ability to have RAW feature in first place. I don't believe they couldn't do what ordinary people managed to do just in few days. What is the reason for them trying to keep this feature unavailable to us? Have they given us the normal way would we try to do what they haven't done? With all my respect to Nikon I think they are missing something here... Look at the reviews - lack of RAW format is considered being a disadvantage of a camera. Today's market does not forgive such policies.

Another question - how can they tell you were using RAW feature and why is it prohibited?


Larry Berman wrote:
The word from Mike Rubin, the CoolPix product manager:

Anyone doing this will be voiding the warranty of the camera. Also,
it may be considered reverse engineering and may result in
violations of the software agreements.

Larry Berman

AlexMld wrote:

It has been found out that Nikon has a diagnostic mode called DIAG
RAW in CP2500, CP4300, CP4500 (tested) and possibly E775, E885,
E990, E995, E5000 that allows for RAW file output. This mode can
be turned on....

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