FZ200 - Enlargement limts?

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Re: FZ200 - Enlargement limts?

It surprises me that no one has mentioned shooting RAW and using the Adobe Raw Converter (ACR) to ENLARGE your image dimensions about 2.5 times before you even begin to post process it. The new version 7.2 of the ACR can do this with FZ200 raw files.

I am a long time Canon DSLR shooter who got my FZ200 four days ago. I always shoot raw-except for action shots.

Like you, I was curious as to how big a print I could make. The ACR allows you to set the output size, resolution and the bit depth-8 or 16 bit. You want to select 16 bit. The maximum file size is a function of the specific camera characteristics.

For the FZ200 the largest size at 300 ppi (which my local Costco print shop prefers), is 20.5" x 13.7" Dropping the resolution to 240 ppi increases the dimensions to 25.6" x 17.1".

I have OnOne's Perfect Rezize 7 (the updated and renamed version of Genuine Fractals.) OnOne claims you can increase image dimensions up to ten times. I've never tried that, but I have routinely increased image dimensions by 1.5 to 3 times with my Canon 40D images and received excellent results.

These figures are based upon my setting the FZ200's aspect ratio to 3:2. This is my personal preference since that is the aspect ratio of a 35mm camera.

The FZ200 reduces the pixel count of its sensor from 12.1 mega pixels (used with the 4:3 TV aspect ratio) to 10.5 megapixels for 3:2 the aspect ratio.

The 10.5 megapixel size of the FZ200 at 3:2 aspect ration is virtually identical to the 10.1 mega pixel sensor size of my Canon 40D.

I have had a lot of experience and excellent results making 12x18 and 16x20 prints using just the Adobe RAW converter.

Assuming comparable IQ, there is NO reason why you should not be able to produce quite large images with the FZ200 using ACR and some sort of Perfect Resize/Genuine Fractals software.

Lets assume that Perfect resize can actually give good results at 5x dimension increases. (This is half of what OnOne claims.) 5 x 20" x 5 x 13" would give you a 100" x 65" (8.3 ft x 5.4 ft) print. This is much more than I can ever imagine needing.

And, as mentioned elsewhere in this thread, the bigger the print the farther the viewer is usually from it and the less detail loss or minor artifacts show.

To me the value of a 18 or 24 megapixel camera is NOT how large a print you can make, but how much you can crop an image to feature something interesting that might have been barely noticeable in the original full sized image. Create a one person portrait from a large group photo for example.

Good luck with making larger prints. Post your results for us all to view.

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