Camera you had the most fun with of all time?

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Re: Camera you had the most fun with of all time?

Well I'm 70 before I'm 65 again. And boys and girls is, yes, humour. At least where I grew up. However I am somewhat old, walk with a cane, have 2 hearing aids which don't work too well, eat through a tube, and spend more time in doctor's waiting rooms than in my bed.

Take offense if you wish.

I simply refuse to sit in a chair waiting to die.

If you are not having fun, then change what you are doing.

And if you worry about what other people think NOTHING will get done.

I can buy whatever I want, I saved up, built the nest egg, and try to justify my purchases. For example I do not have that crazy expensive lens Sony put out. But there are 30 lenses in the collection, and many of them I paid less than 10 bucks for, because people don't know what to do with Dad's old Minolta gear.

I have a book on the a77 and have read it a dozen times, can I swap it for your book on humour?

I gotta quit, I'm unable to see through the tears from laughing.

Really, don't go to a comedy show. They call me pops, gramps, yell at me, ride my cane....and I laugh. So what. Have fun, lighten up.

BTW, I have a much used, scratched and dented X-370 Mini I'll let go for about 8 grand. It's museum ready. With 2 lenses. (I used to think 3 is too many!)

And an a100 that has been in the house since I got the a77. It however isn't worth much, it's not museum ready eh?

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