Nature shots from 8/26 - constructive criticism welcome!

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Re: Nature shots from 8/26 - constructive criticism welcome!


I agree with all of "docks" comments and have a couple more to add.

For the first image... don't be afraid to crop. If you crop in about a third of the frame from the left and a third of the frame from the bottom, you will eliminate a bunch of stuff that adds nothing to the "story" and the subject will be much larger in the frame.

Also don't be afraid to boost the ISO to get a faster shutter speed and/or smaller aperture. I don't know anything about the noise characteristics of your Canon but with my Nikon I will go to ISO 400 without thinking twice and often use ISO 800. Good noise reduction software helps.

As for the second image... top down shots of any animal rarely make for strong photographs; the eye-to-eye perspective is much more powerful. I know, I know... hard to do in this case especially while wearing a baby carrier!

Also, out of focus foreground elements are very distracting visually. In many cases they are very difficult to completely avoid in nature shots but they should be minimized. In this case the large out of focus blade of grass on the left is just too much for my eye.

Keep at it... take lots of shots and be ruthless in your self-editing.


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