Rode Videomic Pro or Tascam DR-07 For Audio????

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Jim oc_2 Regular Member • Posts: 243
Re: Rode Videomic Pro or Tascam DR-07 For Audio????

Danger, Will Robinson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a suggestion because I see the HERO2 claims to have Auto Gain Control (AGC if you search some good threads on this forum). This was a killer for me in a quiet hall, and could be worse for you outside. If it cannot be turned off, the AGC will ramp up the background noise before and after any words you are targeting, then lower the volume a little too late once the target speech hits the mic. Editing this out is a pain. It may be worth getting an external recorder for the good mic, and then syncing the sound with the camera audio in post-production. (And if you use an external recorder, an XLR or balanced mic like the Rode NGT-2 will be less likely to pick up electronic interference.)

As for mic choice, I like my Videomic, and would love the Videomic-Pro. You will benefit by having that cone of pickup excluding noise from the sides. Search for “wind noise” to find comments by some of the professionals on this forum.

Edit: My latest camcorder allows me to turn off the AGC, one or both of your cameras may also have this option.

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