no SX40 HS review?

Started Aug 30, 2012 | Discussions thread
raywes Contributing Member • Posts: 629
Re: no SX40 HS review?

I had both the FZ150 and sx40 for about a month and used them each side by side for that time evaluating which one would be my main walk around summer superzoom cam. I finally chose the sx40. My reasons were this-

The sx40 simple had less noise in my opinion. I realize you could adjust for that in the fz150 but even so the FZ150 still suffered from way more noise at any setting than the sx40 which could not adjust noise.

The second was the zoom on the sx40 is just incredible and the images at long focal lengths are just superb.

The fz150 has a 24x and 11x more is just too much to pass up. Finally the fz150 images seemed over sharpened and saturated. Once again I realize you could adjust that down probably.

The handling and speed of the fz150 was pretty good overall but the sx40 was just better out of the box for me and didn't need much tweaking no matter what you used it for.

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