FZ200 Not bad for a small sensor

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Re: FZ200 Not bad for a small sensor

yomasa wrote:

Hello, I always use raw, The images are from homosassa springs in Florida.

I have returned the camera and ordered a canon 100-400mm lens for the 60d. The FZ200 is a very good camera (best of it's class and fun to use) But I need more detail my average print size is 24x36.

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Thanks for the kind words

Jorge Blanco

Hi Jorge,

I wondered if those images were in-camera jpegs or post-processed RAW. What I find with many FZ200 images of birds and wildlife displayed on this forum is that at the relatively small size displayed they often look impressively sharp, bright and colorful, with the major feather details looking clear and contrasty. However, when one examines the full size original, if it's available for download, one can be disappointed to find rather mushy detail in the finer feathers, especially when the image is an in-camera jpeg, but less so when the original is a post-processed RAW.

Those who are looking for a single, lightweight camera for all purposes, wide angle, macro and telephoto reach, will probably be very pleased with the performance of the FZ200. However, I'm getting the impression that those who are searching for a lightweight and inexpensive substitute for a DSLR attached to an 80-400 or 100-400 F5.6 zoom, as I am, may be disappointed.

My Canon 50D with Canon 100-400 F5.6 zoom weighs about 2.2kgs.

It's not the limitations of the 12m pixel count of the sensor that worries me, but the sharpness of the lens. If that 25-600 lens is no sharper at F4 than it is at F5.6, and noticeably softer at F2.8, then I doubt that the resolution at 108mm will be as good as a DSLR with 400mm used at F8 and ISO 400 or 800.

The noise and DR of the small FZ200 sensor at ISO 100 should be no worse than that of an APS-C sensor at a real ISO of 400-800, but because that sensor is less than one 9th the area of an APS-C sensor, the 25-600mm lens needs to produce 3x the resolution of a DSLR lens for its 12mp sensor to equal the detail of a 12mp APS-C sensor. (By resolution, I mean number of line-pairs per mm, at say 50 MTF. By detail, I mean total number of line-pairs per picture height.)

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