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re: Gary: when DOF is enough

GaryW wrote:

And yet at f3.5, the DOF is still extremely shallow. What can you do with an even more shallow DOF? I couldn't get but maybe one leaf completely in focus, in my earlier example. Let's say you get 1/4 of a leaf in focus. Does that make for a better photo? Maybe, in some cases, but I somehow doubt it. Even F2 (say, using my 50mm lens) is nearly unusable as it's too hard to get that sliver of focus to cover what I want. Sure, it can make for a nice portrait with one eye in focus and part of the nose, but maybe getting a bit more face in focus would look even better. But anyway, at 80mm or 135mm, even at a more narrow aperture, it was still hard for me to get much in the focal plane, and SOMEthing needs to be in focus! I can't have a photo that's almost completely bokeh, although I do that sometimes. But as a purely practical matter, you need a LITTLE bit of DOF to work with.

not sure if I agree - consider this street scene, taken with Porst MC 55/1.2
shot wide open, at 1/500 sec. (NF only of course):

for me it contains just enough DOF :). I'd even prefer that the large,
white "21", visible in the BG between figures, was quite a bit more

street candids (non-interactive):
music and dance:
wildlife & macro:
interactive street:

Comments and critique are always welcome!

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