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Choosing between a D7000 and FourThirds? You might consider this:

I'm a primes user and I like to think about a system more than a camera body. That was my lure to buy another Nikon. When Nikon added non-CPU compatibility to the D7000, that did the trick and I'd be using the best part of Nikkor AI-s glass anyway. The D7000 or FourThirds became a very simple choice for me. I have both. I crave AI-s lenses (24 mm - 85mm) from my FM3a on the D7000 and an Olympus E-1 (aperture priority or manual). The D7000 is a fabulous camera but Olympus did give us the E-1 Kodak CCD color that's hard to beat, with a DSLR 3 : 4 aspect ratio choice in a 100% viewfinder, really helping with a feel for my visual objective along with suitably smaller RAW images I don't get on the D7000. I rarely crop. I prefer square, 4 : 5 or 3 : 4 over Nikon's 35mm film format (2 : 3) but the D7000 resolution lends plenty to crops. I wish Olympus had recognized the FourThirds user's preferences for the E-1, but nay, they overdid it with the more cumbersome E-3 design so I gave it to my daughter who shoots studio portraiture where big cameras belong... bar outdoor pro. Too many gimmicks for me, I shoot streets. I still use a Rollei TLR, the ultimate of simple perfection.

Incidentally, the E-1 feels so much like my D7000. Same size dimensions, weight, large enough viewfinder. For the E-1, I usually have just the Zuiko 25mm f2.8 pancake, the 50mm f2 and an F mount adapter ring. I do have the current kit zooms if really needed.

The really nice part about having FourThirds with a Nikon F mount adapter is that I have a greater variation of prime lens focal length options. Putting the Nikkor 28mm f2.8 AI-s on the E-1 gives me the equivalnt 56mm street lens using the 2x crop factor and believe me, it has been very rewarding in decent daylight, even at f8. Having the preset focus scale leaves me with little delay to capture. I'm not addicted to AF as much as Nikon seems to build on. After all, I find AF a different kind of speed advantage and I'm rarely rushed in my work anyway. Ironically, using a manual lens has left me more conscious of what I'm doing.

I should mention one more point and that is my thoughts on how I'll be using an EM-5 with the AI-s lenses. With an EVF exposure preview advantage, it will be a whole new story and I think it will be very rewarding when I do it, especially with focus preview as well... not to mention the reduction of body size with primes mounted.

If Nikon produces a D600 FX based on the D7000 body design, I'd think about what array of wider shots I could be working with then but I'm not sure it will offer that much more than the 7000 since a 35mm lens on FX is as wide as I might get. It would be more about focus isolation depth... if really different. Like my Olympus, I only keep Nikon kit zooms for very limited use.

FourThirds (or Micro) is a very good consideration but I couldn't put one over the other. I'd be thinking about my objectives in making a choice.

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