PC&Monitor Dilemma - Please help!

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Re: PC&Monitor Dilemma - Please help!

Using, Bonnielou hardware options as example...
The Canon 9500 vs Color Spaces(sRGB/Adobe RGB/ProPhoto)
Graphics from http://www.iccview.de/content/view/2/4/lang,en/

To get all that the Canon 9500 can produce(gloss paper), ProPhoto RGB is the choice.

Canon 9500 vs DELL 2410 and DELL 2412

Even the 2410 can not cover all the gamut from Canon 9500, but it is better than the 2412, to cover 100% I guess we need a VERY expensive OLED monitor...

Now sRGB(Walmart/Costco) vs DELL 2410 and DELL 2412

The DELL 2412 cover 93% of the sRGB and the DELL 2410 cover 100%

Good links

Nicky in Sussex wrote:

I am a serious amateur photographer!

Then the DELL 2410 is the choice...

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