Camera you had the most fun with of all time?

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Digital: Panny FZ-18. Film: Canon AE-1

Overall the Panasonic FZ-18 non-pocketable superzoom wins out:

  • still relatively small and light so could be taken anywhere and everywhere (in the meantime this point in the model range has become and heavier and the battery life has come down)

  • very versatile lens from macro 1cm away to long telephoto

  • fast and precise AF

  • quite good access to manual A or S etc via joystick

The thing I liked least about it, was chroma noise as soon as ISO got to 400 or more, and/or in lower light.

I would still be using it - only the battery died and I have found it impossible to find a spare. Battery vendors on-line, either of official Panny spares or copycats, just refuse to confirm that some more recent batteries (say from the FZ-38) might work.

Since then I've owned:

  • a pocketable superzoom: but the manual controls are inferior. And unlike the FZ-18 it doesn't correct distorsion in-camera

  • a Nikon D7000 DSLR: good camera but big and heavy, and for things like landscapes its AF is a good deal LESS precise than the FZ-18 was, and if I switch to CDAF then it is very slow

  • an iPhone. The iPhone is probably the recent camera I have the most fun with, and which is always with me also. Main downside is lack of manual controls, and lack of any optical zoom.

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