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Re: I am close, but it will cost me to completely switch

ShelleyD wrote:

I understand your dilemma- that's why I started this thread...

It is hard to sell all your lenses - it's scary (what if I need them, what if I make a mistake, what if I can never afford to buy those kinds of lenses again...???)

I did take a hit on the camera and some of the lenses. Some I got close to what I paid and others not quite close enough. But another way to look at it was all the fun I had with them in the years I had them so it isn't just about the balance sheet. I'm just about to sell my speedlights and hopefully they will hold their value enough to replace them with Oly versions.

That's exactly right. There are plenty of hobbies out there where the gear costs as much, and even more, but doesn't hold its value nearly as well. Yet people invest in the gear because the enjoyment they get from the hobby makes it worthwhile.

Like others have said, if they're on your shelf, it doesn't matter how much they originally cost. And maybe you don't have to replace absolutely every lens like for like - you might not need so many lenses or, if your style of photography has changed, that will be reflected in the number and type of lenses you need. You don't have to buy all new lenses all at once either - you will probably have built your existing collection over time - you can do the same with your new lenses.

I think the problem is that I built a Nikon kit that was quite comprehensive with a number of specialty lenses (fisheye, 300mm f/4, Tamron 90mm f/2.8 macro). The only lenses I consider essential are the dual f/2.8 zooms and the 12-24mm. Maybe the 35mm f/2. The specialty lenses are the ones I don't use regularly, but I'm really glad I've got them when I want them. I spent five years building up that kit and it's nice to know I've got a lens for every occasion. Shooting with dual systems can be nice at times, but these days portability is more important to me than it was a couple of years ago.

I went for a walk tonight |(it finally wasn't raining - hooray!!!) with the EM-5 and my new 25 1.4 around my neck - it was heaven! No neck strain, no aching back, etc etc. I'm a bit annoyed that the EM5 is so clever - the photos it takes on auto are so much better than my photos at the moment! But I won't let it beat me - I'll get there soon..

There is a break-in period with any camera, but isn't it nice? I have experienced some tired shoulders and arms shooting for hours with a D200, 17-55mm f/2.8, and SB-800 rig (sometimes with the 80-200mm mounted to my old D70 slung over the other shoulder...with another speedlight mounted).

My relationship with the EM5 is growing every day. I'm less scared about the decision now, a bit in awe of all it can do, amazed it has similar wireless flash abilities to my Nikon (finally a camera in such a small body can do this!) I haven't even bugun to look at the video or the other million things it can do! There are things that aren't as good but, taken as a whole, it has been a good decision...

The ability to control multiple wireless flashguns like my Nikon is one of the features that sold me on the E-M5. So far I only have the FL-300R that came as part of the rebate package. It's a weak little flash, but it's pocket-sized (the SB-800, not so much). As a bounce flash it can be too weak if you are too far from your subject or if the ceiling is a bit high, but the nice thing is that you can just position it closer to your subject and get some great results. I rarely go anywhere without my Thinktank Retrospective 5 that has my E-M5, two or three lenses, and the FL-300r. The main kit bag for my Nikon gear could easily swallow two of the Retro 5's.


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