The forth D800E, should I accept it?

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Re: How many TVs, or cars, or major appliances would you exchange...

Even though I'm one of the folks who has now tested four D800/E (2 each). I do agree with this in principal.

Maybe for me the anallogy is wanting a Ferrari and not just a Honda Accord.

There's a really strong desire for high performance and I really want what the D800 is capable of delivering. I want that big step up from my D300 (lower noise/better low light performance, better DR, better color depth, etc.).

In other words, while my Accord is completely competent, I'd rather leave it in the garage and start driving a Ferrari!

Despite that strong desire, I am definately trying to assess whether another try is worth the time/effort at this point.

For those of you with RECENTLY delivered D800/E cameras, please reply to this thread with serial number information:

Your response will help those of us deciding whether to try yet again or to quit trying for a while.


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