Magnesium alloy body? Weather sealing? Water and dust resistant? ...

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Re: Magnesium alloy body? Weather sealing? Water and dust resistant? ...

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So, how important is all these? magnesium alloy body? weather sealing? water and dust resistant? ...

Magnesium body alloy vs plastic: Until I see a statistical study that shows the durability of different cameras, it's all about bragging rights. I'm not considering the D7000 but I am consdering the 60D which I suppose has even less metal but feels plenty solid for my needs. Canon 300D users could give us some idea.

Weather sealing: If I lived in a place like the UK this would at the top of my list, with WR lenses of course. More weight to Pentax and Olympus in my decision (unless you've got the money for a Canon 1D series).

Water and dust resistant is sure to be important.

It's not so much about where you live (pero hay mucha lluvia en Mexico tambien ) but

Es diferente mucha lluvia y lluvia todo el tiempo!
(One thing's a lot of rain and another rain all the time!)

  • Do you travel?

  • Do you want to take advantage of the few rain days you get?

  • Little rain usually means a lot of dust - protect from that as well

  • Overall piece of mind

Honestly, I'd recommend against the 60D and upgrade to the Pentax K-30. The IQ will be SIGNIFICANTLY better, AND, you will gain another control wheel (the K-30 has a front and rear, the 60D only has the rear). And the K-30 is even cheaper

Also MUCH smaller and more compact - take a look at this:,327

Canon EOS 60D is 12% (16 mm) wider and 10% (9.3 mm) taller than Pentax K-30.
Canon EOS 60D is 10% (7.1 mm) thicker than Pentax K-30.

Canon EOS 60D [755 g] weights 16% (105 grams) more than Pentax K-30 [650 g] ( inc. batteries and memory card).

Honestly the only thing I can see the 60D has over the K-30 is the articulating screen, which I don't know how important that is to you.

Yes I know you have some Canon lenses because you currently have invested in that system, but I honestly would sell it to switch systems - Canon used lenses command high prices and you would get so much more bang for your buck with Pentax.

Need affordable weather sealing in a DSLR you can trust?

Take a look at my deployment to Afghanistan:
(you will have to copy and paste that into your browser's address bar)

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