Lightroom - import order and sort?

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Re: Check your file names carefully

steephill wrote:

You may find that some have a leading blank character which will throw out your numbering.

I can sort my 30,000 image catalogue without any problems so there is nothing intrinsically wrong with the program.

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Yes...I couldn't imagine the sort not working properly for most people - I think it is a glich someplace on my computer or with my specific software. The sort does sometimes work but other times it frustratingly almost right but leaves random out of order files scattered through the folder. The files are renamed with batch rename in Bridge before importing so there are no missing characters or spaces.

Curious...can you answer why the files once they are imported into Lightroom don't have the original file numbers but the original file numbers become an extension or suffix of a new seemingly randomly generated number.

I think part of my problem is that I've never sat down and learned the program properly because I don't use it enough to put the time into it. When I bought it I simply imagined it would work in a very similar way to other Abode photo editing products - it doesn't. Using actions, and batching it seems like I can do everything pretty much in photoshop just as fast and better than Lightroom anyway so i've not bothered. I use lightroom as a printing interface...that's about it.

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