What's happening to all these returned D800s???

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Re: US Law ... doesn't matter.

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I just checked this for the US. The Federal Trade Commission bans deceptive labeling of products and any products advertised as "new" must be exactly that and not be a returned item.

If an item is returned (for whatever reason) it needs to be labeled as such and not labeled as a "new" item.

I just did about 10 minutes of Google searching this topic and found SEVERAL photography forums where people claiming to work for major US camera retailers (two of the biggest ones in the New York area specifically) have stated that if they get a returned item and it "looks new" they put it back on their shelves and sell it as "new" merchandise.

It wouldn't surprise me to learn that there are laws preventing such activities, but I also have personal experience that at least one camera store tried to sell a used camera to me as "new" thinking they could get away with it.

I bought an Olympus E-P3 camera online last year from a reputable retailer and when it arrived I quickly discovered that the camera was a used item that was put back in the box as if it was new. Some of the protective plastics were missing, the camera menus where not on the default settings (they had been heavily customized), the shot counter started at a strange number when I took the first photo, and one of the accessories that was supposed to be in the box was missing.

I immediately contacted the store and they apologized, acknowledging that they sold me a returned camera, and they offered to give me a full refund upon return of the camera or I could keep the camera and they would give me a partial refund of $400 (the purchase price was $899). I kept the camera and took the partial refund. The camera is fine, but I wasn't going to let the store sell me used goods at a same price as a "new" camera.

Still, I bet the camera store in question would have been perfectly happy if I hadn't discovered that they sold me a used camera and they would have pocketed the full $899.

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