Missing light in most situation, what's the better solution ? EV -4 iso 250

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Re: Missing light in most situation, what's the better solution ? EV -4 iso 250

Mammouth wrote:

Thanks to both of you. F13-16 1/200 with FEC freeze subject and let me use iso 100. The article of LordV is real gold.

@cjed: by bounce i was meaning: Vello Bounce Dome a diffuser for the canon 430ex.

You can continue to use that - just get the flash closer to the subject with a bracket and off-camera cord.

By moving the flash closer to the subject, you reduce it's required power output, which reduces the effective exposure time (flash duration) to shorter than 1/1000th.

Does the TTL autodetect this ? or i have to use Manual mode and set power to 1/2 instead of 1/1 or something like that ?

Yes, if you use ETTL the flash will use much less than full power, this gives you a shorter flash duration (faster effective shutter speed), allows more flashes before the batteries need replacing and faster recycle times.

@cjed: What is the bracket on http://www.pbase.com/cjed/equipment ?

That's an old straight flash bracket with a hot shoe adapter I used with an old Sunpak manual flash I used when starting macro photography about 8 years ago. Note the homebrew plastic diffuser
It's a combination of something like these :

Nowadays I tend to use a MT-24EX, often with diffusers and a special bracket to allow more flexible positioning of the heads, have a look at :

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