Problem Windows 7 DNG files

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Re: Problem Windows 7 DNG files - dllhost and Adobe DNG Codec

Ardfry wrote:

bjake wrote:

dillhost.exe is using all the resources but can't find how to alter it except temporally
stopping it in task manager

Windows Explorer uses dllhost to load codecs so that problems with a codec crash dllhost instead of Explorer itself.

The runaway dllhost is a hallmark of Adobe's DNG codec, which appears to render each image when it shouldn't need to, such as when the sytsem asks it for properties like size and date taken.

The Ardfry DNG codec is smarter and more efficient than Adobe's, so it doesn't have this problem. You can try the Ardfry codec, but in the very least your only way of addressing the problems you are seeing is to uninstall the Adobe DNG codec.

David Blake
Ardfry Imaging, LLC

I second that: first, REMOVE all PEF and DNG codecs that you previously installed. Then try something else as previously mentionned in this thread. There are alternatives to the Adobe codec, that actually works.


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