RX100 = Wow!

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Ryan Williams
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Re: Sorry only silver

The Skipper wrote:

We need some high-ISO test photos taken under low-light conditions, instead of bright flood-lit conditions. I am not sure why the review sites don't have these?

Totally agree with this. Most compact cameras perform relatively similarly with good conditions, the whole point of getting something like the RX100 is to bring out the details in low or even medium lighting. The only one I've seen with decent low-light church shots for all cameras they test is DCResource, but the tests aren't exactly like-for-like as in some shots the church has huge spotlights on, it's rarely the shot's taken from the exact same place (different seat row), etc.

The main thing that would have swung me towards the RX100 instead of the HX20V was seeing how much better it could deal with, for example, museum lighting.

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