Viewing .pdf link in Mail on iMac

Started Aug 30, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Viewing .pdf link in Mail on iMac

webfrasse wrote:

Vernon Snider wrote:

Occasionally, I receive an email which contains a link for viewing a .pdf file. When I click on it, Safari does open up but only a blank screen comes up and the .pdf file is not there but the URL of the link is in the address bar of Safari.

I would appreciate your help about how to access the .pdf for viewing.

My iMac is running Snow Leopard and I do have Adobe Reader downloaded and installed which the email said was necessary to read the pdf on the link provide in the email.

Not necessary on a Mac. The Preview app will do that and it's quite likely that Adobe Reader messed up that integration between Safari and Preview.


How do I correct the "messed up integration"?


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