Nokia 808 Pureview now, or Nokia Lumia with Pureview later?

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Re: Nokia 808 Pureview now, or Nokia Lumia with Pureview later?

Menneisyys wrote:

I'm in the same shoes as you. I've decided to wait for Nokia's announcement on 05/09. Hope they do come up with something kick-ass - something (almost) as good as the 808, camera-wise.

Your wasting your time because Pureview 41mp cam module can't run on a bloated big brother OS like Windows--not unless you accept 1 hour battery life.

(I prefer investing in non-dying operating systems and I'm afraid the 808 won't even receive bugfixes for all its bugs, let alone major OS upgrades.)

But your current strategy of investing in "non-dying operating systems" (all OSs come and go ffs) isn't going to give you awesome picure quality and sound like the Nokia 808.

Can you listen to an OS? No. Can your record video with an OS? No. Can you take a great picture with an OS? No. Is fiddling with widgets and homescreen wallpaper more important than all this? What are your priorities?

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