First wedding - what do you think?

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Re: In addition....

First wedding = good!

For my first, the problem I had was that I was trying to be too candid. Being candid, you don't get as many great shots as you want. What I do is prompt people or basically TELL THEM what I want to see from them and pose them if I have to. I communicate a lot. You have to play the role of director with people. It's sort of like a play. Don't be bashful! It doesn't matter if they find you annoying or not because most people think photographers are annoying anyway. And you're getting paid so just go with it. Just tell them it's going into the album and they'll understand. It's all about the final results.

Some photogs are of the mindset that the photographer should not be seen or heard. I think there as sometimes they should be both seen and heard. Otherwise, you can't get the shots YOU want. The candid, photojournalistic style offers a lot of spontaneous moments and it can either be great, or a crapshoot. As long as you have enough great shots and display those for maximum effect, you'll be fine.

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