What's happening to all these returned D800s???

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Re: If you would read my post

And from the looks of it, you are following me in this forum, Adorama is still a low life organization! LOL!
Greg Gebhardt in
Jacksonville, Florida

Don't flatter yourself. I just like to respond when I read people saying idiotic and unfounded things. You just happen to do that a lot, I guess. Try writing something smart, well-founded, or insightful, and I won't write anything in response.

So no, I haven't read your Amazon posts. But saying that "all" D800s that are returned are sent back out, just because you happened at one point to get something that you think wasn't new from one vendor, is unfounded and ludicrous.

And anyone who thinks that Adorama is a "low life organization" just loses any sort of credibility they might have.

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