How does a lens hood and circular polarizer work together?

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Re: How does a lens hood and circular polarizer work together?

Mark B. wrote:

jammyjammy wrote:

Ok i'm about to go all out and buy a circular polarizer for my 14-45mm lens for when i go trekking in nepal.

How does a cpl work in practice?

Firstly i was gonna get one without a front filter thread (for cost reasons)

So-called 'thin' polizers typically cost a little more, but that's the right way to go with a wide angle lens.

True, although if you can get away with it a normal size polarizer can be less of a hassle; I have a slim B+W which I love but there's a good chance my fat fingers will end up on it...

. If i do and therefore cannot attach a lens cap when it is not in use, do i have to take it off when i put my camera away? Are there other solutions?

If i was to put my lens hood on then how does one turn the polarizer to the right strength? reach into the hood?

Personally I use the hood with or without a polarizer. Yes, it takes a few extra seconds to remove the hood to adjust the polarizer, but with an ultra wide lens you want the hood in place to reduce flare. Some folks have cut a notch in the bottom of the hood to adjust the polarizer w/o removing the hood.

This is probably the best way to use it; unfortunately I'm usually fidgeting with the polarizer and forget about the hood...

Do you need a lens hood with a cpl?

See above.


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