XZ1 owners- opinions wanted please

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Re: XZ1 owners- opinions wanted please

New to the forums here. I'll cast another vote for the XZ-1, I really, really love this little camera! It's got a lot of horsepower packed in a (fairly) small package and is definitely capable of making "real photographs" and not just snapshots.

When I was shopping for cameras I wanted something that was more advanced and modern than my old trusty Fuji F30. Some of my criterion were-compact size (smaller than DSLR), shoots RAW, good optics, quality of images I saw posted on various sites like DPR, Flickr, 500px etc.

After thoroughly reading as many reviews as I could find, I narrowed my choices down to the RX100, S100 and XZ-1: The RX100 was nice-but a bit out of my price range. The Canon S100-a couple friends have Canon Sxxx cameras and they swear by 'em-but to me it just felt a little too small and dainty like a P&S in my hands. In handling all 3 cameras at B&H the XZ-1 just felt the most right to me; the controls/UI were immediately easy and intuitive right off the bat, camera had a nice hefty weight to it and felt good in my hands, has a nice big honkin' lens on the front, cool art filters, and lastly the price was right. FYI I see these marked at B&H for $339 this week (in-store). I should also mention I wanted a camera now, and didn't want to wait for the XZ-2 to drop.

I'm really happy I chose the XZ-1; I take it pretty much everywhere I go. Oh and Jon404s tips for settings have been really helpful. I printed this list out along with the manual and keep both handy.

My only nits so far are the commonly discussed issues mainly related to the Oly Viewer and Lightroom. OV2 is ridiculously and unusably slow on my Mac, yet gives you access to Noise reduction, Camera aspect ratio + full uncropped image, cameras lens correction, can apply the really cool Art Filters on the fly, and preserves great Olympus color; LR on the other hand, while amazing for making adjustments doesn't access the camera's Noise settings, and automatically crops to camera aspect ratio. However I'm able to work around the above, when necessary, and I've been able to make some nice images so far.

In camera-I wish it would save adjustments made to Custom setting; you have to go back and "reprogram" the Custom setting by starting over from scratch and making the adjustments to one of the other modes to get your changes to stick.

The other problem with the XZ-1 is I think it might be a gateway drug to a fairly expensive hobby!!!-as I have my sights on getting an OM-D kit sometime in the future. In the meantime I'll be doing lots of reading and taking lots of pics with my XZ-1 to try and take my photos to the next level.

You can see some of my XZ-1 photos here:

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