Nikon V1 vs. Sony RX100 ...thoughts and sample photos

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Re: Metal cameras vs. Plastic cameras

Michael Klein wrote:

what I was trying to get that sometimes some cases like mine where Im not going to blow things up or crop them...doesnt impress me...

But your test is barking up the wrong tree. THIS is not the test you run for seeing the benefits of higher resolution. For that, consider features that make use of higher resolution in the RX100. And that isn't solely about size of prints, but think: Clear Image Zoom.

With Nikon V1 and a kit lens, your option to capture something afar is limited to a field of view afforded by 80mm lens at 10 MP. Sure, you can crop, but your image quality would deteriorate faster than it would with higher resolution.

With Sony RX100, your option at 20 MP is a FOV afforded by 100mm lens. Now, you could choose to crop and with greater flexibility with more pixels at hand. But, more importantly, you don't have to! Turn to Clear Image Zoom, which shoots at lower MP but transforms the effective focal length to 200mm (as in doubles the reach). You did not test for that, so you did not test for benefits of higher resolution in the RX100.

I look at the handling..and size is part of that equation...and the image quality...the two camera's are very similar in that regard...

If RX100 is identical in handling and size to Nikon V1, it would defeat the purpose of its very existence. You might as well compare Nikon V1 to Sony NEX-5N. RX100 party exists for people who feel NEX-series is not pocketable with its kit zoom lens.

As for image quality comparisons, you will have to ensure you use identical settings for comparison. You can't shoot with one camera on auto and another in manual/semi-auto mode, with completely different settings and claim comparables. I would recommend full manual mode with identical settings, if you want to compare apples to apples, and a conclusion on how each camera works in a particular setting. I just did that test to compare my two macro lenses (albeit on two different camera bodies).

and I suppose when the next greatest camera comes out with better specs than this..same thing will happen that early adopters will jump up and down and claim theirs is the best they've ever seen...

These are the kind of statements that highlight the bias that go into claims and "tests" you run. Your credibility is lost as there is no reason to believe that you didn't deliberately mess up the image from competition because you have to claim that you made the right choice and others are wrong.

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