why not always shoot at f8?

Started Aug 30, 2012 | Discussions thread
PenFan2011 Regular Member • Posts: 172
Re: why not always shoot at f8?

As the above poster said, don't mind shutter speeds too much. On my Alienbees I get 1/500th-1/1100th flash duration depending on my settings, which freezes anything in motion for the most part since the flash is the primary light source. However, if you have a mixed light setup, ambient and flash, then there might be some 'ghosting' around the edges of the subject in motion.

I have shot plenty of midair jumps and such using studio lights that were tack sharp at 1/160th of a second shutter speed. Photographers in the era of film could get the same results thanks to the way flashes work. My old Canon AE-1 had a max sync speedm of 1/60th of a second after all.

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