Nikon V1 vs. Sony RX100 ...thoughts and sample photos

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Re: Metal cameras vs. Plastic cameras


Without a doubt the RX100 is way more pocketable than the V1...and yes its much heavier...than the RX100. For a P&S camera this doubt its the best camera there this point...what I was trying to get that sometimes some cases like mine where Im not going to blow things up or crop them...doesnt impress me...I look at the handling..and size is part of that equation...and the image quality...the two camera's are very similar in that regard...and I suppose when the next greatest camera comes out with better specs than this..same thing will happen that early adopters will jump up and down and claim theirs is the best they've ever seen....I've seen pics taken on this forum that quite frankly were fair at best...and I've seen others like LZ's that were amazing...before you guys attack me ..or anyone who disagree's with your opinions....I simply was curious...because of all the hoopla over this has its strong points and like everything else has its weakness's. The quality of the images coming out of most of the newer camera's is on par with this one...sometimes a little more detail can be seen if you enlarge an area and pixel peep...that is true...but at the size most of you post to here and on the makes very little difference...

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