A77 + Sigma 50-150 F2.8 HSM II

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Re: A77 + Sigma 50-150 F2.8 HSM II

steelhead3 wrote:

I'm speaking from experience and You?

You are 100% incorrect. There is no such thing as a "SLT mount" All Sony DSLR and SLT cameras use the Minolta MA(now refered to as "Sony A") mount that dates back to 1985. Some newer lenses with in-lens focus systems will not AF on Minolta film cameras that have 5-pin contacts, but other than that there are no issues.

Some Sigma lenses may have certain issues WITH SLT cameras, and may need to be sent to Sigma to be updated for use on SLTS. Not the other way around.

And yes, I am speaking from experience having used hundreds of lenses on Minolta/Sony Cameras, and the Sigma 50-150mm on my A560 and A580 DSLRs. The Sigma 50-150mm lens has absolutely no compatibility issues on DSLR cameras.

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