X100 SAB Repair Cost

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Re: X100 SAB Repair Cost

It's might be a different scenario where I am (Singapore). I've read about an X100 owner being charged $700+ by the Fuji service center here to have his 1-month-out-of-warranty X100 repaired after it had the SAB problem. It was a local shop stock with all the papers.

I sent an email to the service center and I never got a reply with regards to their policy on out-of-warranty X100's with SAB.

It is worrying that Fuji has not released any precautions on how this problem can be avoided (if it can be avoided) or, at least acknowledge it as a likely problem on the camera.

I am sure they have had their Reliability/Failure Analysis team have a go at this defect, and I believe that Fuji's choice to stay silent means that it's engineers have found something that's too unfortunate for the X100 users.

Mine is still ok, though.

Apteryx6 wrote:

Constantine Grim wrote:

Sorry, I'm inquiring about an out of warranty X100.

Assuming the camera is merely out of warranty (ie, it had a valid warranty issued by the Fuji subsidiary or representative in the country it was retailed in, ie, it was not a "grey market" camera) then it is likely that the local Fuji subsidiary or representative will repair it under their warranty anyway.

I had mine repaired (in New Zealand) 3 months after my warranty expired, and others have reported the same thing in various countries. Fuji (NZ) told me that for for SAB, the expiry of the warranty was not an issue (so long as they had given the warranty on the camera in the first place).

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