CANON LENS to m4/3 adapters QUESTIONS! HELP!

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Re: CANON LENS to m4/3 adapters QUESTIONS! HELP!

wow thanks... i really appreciate the responses~ i've been wanting to get into using some of my EF Lenses on my m43 but just didnt kno that much about the adapters or how to get into it.. then i started to get interested in the MF older FD lenses b/c it looked very interesting.. but the whole aperture settings really just puzzled me and got me alittle iffy. it seems like using the older FD lenses would be much easier

Diane B wrote:

I have an EOS adapter and have tried EF lenses but the only two I really ever use now are a TS 45/2.8 and a Tamron 90/2.8 macro. Otherwise, too big, heavy and especially no way to change settings (aperture esp) without mounting on an EF body.

I have a number of FD lenses (and two Nikkor Fs and a Konica Hexanon) that I shot with from the beginning of m4/3 to fill in lens gaps, I have two FD adapters, one an early quite pricey one and the other is an under $25 one--equally good, though the inexpensive one is better for infinity focusing. I esp. like my 35/2.8, a lovely quite small lens but now left behind most of the time since I have a 45/2.8. I also like the 28/2 though a bit heavy but very nice output (but the Panny 25/1.4 is now my favorite lens). We now have a nice assortment of native m4/3 lenses but if you just enjoy shooting with older MF lenses or can't swing buying new lenses, there are many bargains out there. I'm covered from 24/2.8 through 28, 35, 50 and 135 (with two 24/2.8s and a 35/2 in addition to the small 2.8) with the FDs, Nikkors and Hexanon, 5-FDs, 2-Nikkors, 1-Konica.

Hope this helps.


baxters wrote:

wylun wrote:

What is the best EF to m4/3 adapter WITH a aperture ring? If you use a adapter w/ a aperture ring, if the Lens itself was set on lets say 1.8... and you put it on the adapter.. how does that conflict w/ the aperture ring if the aperture ring is at its smallest (lets just say on the markings.. 6/6? or a f/8-16)

5. can anyone school me in canon FD lenses or any manual legacy lenses i guess, (olympus,nikon etc.).. as they have their own aperture settings.

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