Superzooms: A few Non-Avian images

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Superzooms: A few Non-Avian images

Hi all,

As shown in our previous post, [ ], many and most of our birds are moulting this time of year... and as a result are not so photogenic right now. So this time we'd like to share a few non-avian shots taken with our various superzooms...

Dragonfly: (SX30)

Hosta Blossom: (SX30)

Lantana Blossom: (SX40)

Fuchsia Blossom: (SX30)

Chive Blossom: (SX40)

Rabbit: (SX40)

Monarch Butterfly: (S100fs)

Swallowtail Butterfly: (S5-IS)

Salvia Blossom: (SX30)

Our latest blog post features the Salvia blossoms btw, ...and the Hummingbirds which enjoy it:

You can also see many more non-avian photos in our Flora & Fauna Gallery here: !i=1943869161&k=T5w7HXP

We hope you enjoy these,

Kenn & Temple - Backyard Birders in St.Louis, MO USA [Backyard Birding with Kenn & Temple]

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