650D photo: Need your opinion please...

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Re: 650D photo: Need your opinion please...

I am not sure what is the subject of the image. That is, where is the eye to go. You could crop the image so all that shows is eye candy and it would be very, very pretty or you could crop for the duck. with far less background. But, this is all personal style, what feels good to YOU. Unless you are selling your images, what is important is what represents you.

In my opinion, it really doesn't matter what others think, it is what turns you on...some will like how you shape your images and others won't. What matters in my opinion is what turns your gut on and that becomes your style.

My style is close ups, not grand scenes and I live in Grand Country...Estes Park, the gateway to the Rockies. Some of my friends don't like say closeup of a flower without seeing the whole plant...so they can identify it. What turns me on is showing a world we barely see with our eyes that I can capture with a camera. That is what I like and to hell with what others like.


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