5D Mark III beyond repair? Need repair advice.

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Tony Northrup
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Re: 5D Mark III beyond repair? Need repair advice.

meland wrote:

Tony, I fear you need to prepare yourself for a big bill. An impact that caused this damage could also have distorted the chassis and if that's the case then you are talking of a virtual complete rebuild. No repair centre (even Canon's own) is going to be able to be as efficient doing that compared with building the camera originally especially considering the automation employed in initial manufacture. It's very much like repairing a severely damaged car - at a certain point it just isn't economic. But Canon will tell you and if they say it isn't economic then it is probably worth taking their advice.

Will not your insurance (assuming you have insurance) pay up for a new camera based on what you have already been told?

Yeah, my insurance will cover it, minus the deductible. That's the worst case scenario.

I guess there's no way to know whether Precision Camera accurately assessed the damage, so I'm sending it in to Canon. It seems to me like replacing the mirror box would do the trick, and who knows what that costs, but it's gotta be less than $3k, right? We'll see.

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