5D Mark III beyond repair? Need repair advice.

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Re: what Ken said...send to Canon n/t

OK, advice taken. Off to Canon it goes. I'll post an update when I hear back.

I never really expected to get the repair done for $350, that was just the only point of reference I could find. I certainly expected to get the repair done for something less than the ~$3k value of the body, however.

BTW, random thoughts:

  • In 4 months of service my 5D3 visited six countries and did 14,000 frames.

  • The 5D2 is my backup body, and it wasn't all that painful to switch back to it. IQ is the same, which takes a lot of the pressure off. Magic Lantern on the 5D2 makes up for many of the software improvements (esp. the new revision, which provides similar support for live view at night). The only feature of the 5D3 that I really missed was the autofocus with moving subjects, but even then, the 5D2 got the job done (see below, and albeit with a few more out of focus frames).

  • Though I love the little things about the 5D3, if I have to make an insurance claim, I'm not replacing it. I'd either get a 7D for wildlife (and use my 5D2 for everything else) or just another 5D2. I'd get better pics by spending the $1300 savings for a 5D2 or the $2100 savings from a 7D on lenses or other gear... the MP-E and a new TC have been calling me for years :).

Here's a crop of a pic I took this week with my 5D2, just to show that the occasionally frustrating AF isn't really that bad:

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