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Heie2 wrote:

And I agree - Nikon has some great stuff. But you definitely do pay more. Not only in cost, but in weight, size, and lack of weather sealed options.

Dude, if you gonna make claims like that, at least make sure you know what you're talking about. The stuff for which you pay more in CaNikon land, comes fully sealed by definition. Like i've told you in another thread, CaNikon is avoiding running around and screaming about it in full voice just so idiots like you don't start bathing with their gear. Most people who actually do need these features in CaNikon land tend to use their heads first, gimmicks later.

Yes, CaNikon gear is bulkier, but it's also in a totally different league in terms of reliability. Hell, even the cheapest Nikon's AF-S lens will outlive the AF motor in your DA*16-50 and DA*50-135 mile for mile.

Not to mention that by Today's prices, brand new for brand new, a good deal of CaNikon lenses do actually come cheaper and there's a lot more to choose from.

But hey, wtf do i know? I'm just a troll... You on the other hand seem to be a real expert! Why don't you ask your-self the fallowing question: When you're taking a shower with your K5+a lens that has an extendable barrel (18-135/16-50/60-250), where does the air filing the lens inside comes from? And how much moisture it brings along? You're in for a few surprises! Check the "Fungus in my DA* 16-50mm & DA* 50-135mm" thread on PF just for fun.

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