Camera you had the most fun with of all time?

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Re: Camera you had the most fun with of all time?


I have Minolta stuff, used Roliflex in school, Polaroid a lot, and a Pentax for investigative work.

But the A77 is the best. The a77 is amazing.

Did I say I HAVE to put the batteries in the bag every morning, and check my pulse. It races. I want to shoot.

It's now 8:52 here in our time zone and I've punched 30 shots, uploaded 8, edited 12, and am figuring where to head next with the camera bags and tripods.

Sorry boys and girls, I don't edit very much, like to crop with the camera and lens and do nothing to my shots, and you cannot upload from an iMac to here. Sad but true.

I do have an HP media thing in the basement catch all room, running Win 7, but I'm on a cane to walk and it's 3 levels down.

Next time I'm there I'll post a bunch of feel good shots to my gallery.

I got some great shots last night, telescoping monopod held up my me, the lcd screen aiming (I can hardly see it its so high) and my wife tripping the shutter with my handheld device. Great shots of a new born mourning dove chicks. 30 shots 3 keepers. Hard to frame that shot with bad balance and aching arms, up in a tree.

This morning the light was crazy nice, and I took shots of morning glories. I'll try and time the woodpeckers and nuthatches and use the remote to trip the a77. Speaking of which, time to see if anyone is selling off Minolata stuff on Kijjiji or however the heck you spell it. (OH it's IT.)

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