OMD+Legacy Tamron 90mm+Last of the Butterflies

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Very Nice!

Navman wrote:

Here's a belated contribution to this thread - was sitting outside having lunch when I noticed a tiny jumping spider on the pavers - no more than 6 mm long, and quite happy to sit still. I wound my Tamron SP90 out to its full extension, whacked in a complete set of old Soligor extension tubes, leaned my old Nikkor 105 lens hood on the pavers, and voila! Having the IBIS operating with magnification made focusing a piece of cake - closed the aperture down to f8, moved back and forwad to get his eyes in focus, and pulled the trigger! Had a little bit of work to do in LR4 to correct some magenta fringing, but it cleaned up beautifully. This would be about its maximum magnification, I imagine, unless I got some bellows, but then a specialist bellows lens would probably be preferable - ISO 250, 1/125th sec.

Well done. Looks like you nailed the focus with the magnification. When you can steady the camera enough (and your subject is cooperating by not moving around), the magnification really makes a big difference. I just wish there was more flexibility for setting a lower magnification minimum than 5x.

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