G5 ergonomics, features and photos

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Re: G5 ergonomics, features and photos

sdeban wrote:

My question for other G5 owners in this forum is, how do you like the ergonomics?

Its ok. Grip is nicer than the G3.

Is the function wheel on the back too far to the right to use the camera one-handed?

Not sure if its 'too far' to use, but I personally don't like it where it is. They have indeed moved it too much for my liking and its a bit awkward to operate compared to the other cameras.

How do you like the lever on the front? I wonder why Panasonic did not use a toggle around the shutter button like on the FZ150.

That would have worked as well, but the lever is ok for me.

The niggles I have with the ergonomics so far are mainly:

1. Why the hell have they moved buttons around again ?!? nearly all the G cams I have here put the review button to the right of the viewfinder. Why the hell have they moved it to where the Qmenu is on the GH2 !!!

2. because your hand curves around the camera more to reach the bigger grip, the catch/release on the HDMI/USB port needs to be recessed more, and often I find it sticking into the palm of my hand. Not good.

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